Pride of Merseyside

Merseyside's people are what make Merseyside great. And it's time to celebrate those people and to marvel at their moving and motivational stories.


These are people who put their own lives to one side to help others; people who make a difference by caring, sharing and going the extra mile; people who achieve extraordinary things in the face of near-impossible odds.

The ECHO Pride of Merseyside Awards wants to honour those people and we need YOU to help us do it.  All of us know the people who deserve our respect and our salute Рand there are so many of them across this region.  Neighbours, friends, relatives; special people doing special things.

Please – take a few minutes to send us information about YOUR hero or heroine. Nominate YOUR special person. In return, it they’re selected, we’ll give them a night to remember at the ECHO Pride of Merseyside Awards ceremony in November. The least you’ll do is give us a chance to highlight their work and their cause.

So do something special for those special people. Don’t delay. Nominate today.