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Welcome to the Manchester Environment Awards
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The greatest enemy of progress is complacency. The battle for a better planet is only just beginning.

Sure, more people talk about it than ever before. Sure, more people than ever before translate those words into actions. But what we witness is just the smallest and most modest of starts. What we see is the first skirmishes in a battle that will be waged forever.

We cannot afford people to think, for the briefest of moments, that all is in hand. It isn’t. It is up to all of us to continue to make as much noise as

possible to keep this crucial issue at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness and conscience.

That’s where we at the Manchester Evening News feel we have a huge part to play.

We are the number one news medium in Greater Manchester. In print, online, on mobile, our audience is growing by the day. So this message will get louder and louder and these awards will become more and more significant.

 To RECOGNISE the best environmental businesses. schools, community projects and individuals.

 To THANK those who are making a difference, be they winners or nominees

 To FEATURE the green heroes in the Manchester Evening News in print and online.

 To CELEBRATE their magnificent achievements at our fantastic Awards Night.

 Join the battle. Make a noise. Nominate today.

 Rob Irvine

Editor, Manchester Evening News