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Syngenta is very proud to continue our support of the 2018 Examiner Community Awards. The work we do at Syngenta helps farmers all over the world grow higher yields from their crops, providing greater choice of quality food at an affordable price. The Examiner Community Awards are a prestigious occasion to recognise the dedication and passion of our local champions. 

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For our part, we continue to invest in our apprenticeship programme, providing employment opportunities for local people and we remain committed to keeping professional and skilled manufacturing jobs in Kirklees for many years to come. We work very hard to stay in touch with our local community and get involved wherever we can. Syngenta in Huddersfield recently opened a Community Science Lab for local schools and we are active in our community through our Employees Community Gift Scheme and our annual Connecting Communities events.

We appeal to all community groups to nominate the people that they believe deserve recognition as champions in our communities.

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Award Categories and Sponsors

    • Friend of the Year

      Do you have a friend who is always there when you need them?  The friend of the year could be your neighbour, best friend, a colleague or relative, or someone who supports you.  Show your appreciation by nominating them for this award.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Barbara Pogson
      Julie Taylor
      Santa’s Seniors: Suzanne, Amy & Lizzi Gunson

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    • Courage Award

      The courage award will be made to anyone who has shown outstanding bravery and courage, which may range from a single heroic act through to battling against disability, illness or adversity.  If you know someone who fits the bill, nominate them for this award.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Robert Wells
      Emelle Lewis
      Richard Ford

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    • Emergency Services Personality

      Do you know a local 999 hero? This person should be someone who has given service beyond the call of duty, shown extreme courage at an incident, or dedicated a lifetime of service to their community.  Tell us about them so they receive the recognition they deserve.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Kevin Sykes
      Bill O’Brien
      Ian Firth

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    • Services to the Community Award

      Do you know someone who has made a difference to your community?  They may provide a much needed service or made your area a safer place to live.  Whatever their achievement it will have had a positive effect on your community. This award is open to groups or individuals.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Platform 1
      Uniform Exchange
      Conscious Youth CIC

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    • Services to Charity Award

      Has someone you know dedicated themselves tirelessly to a charity?  They may be someone who has raised a large amount of money, generated awareness for a cause or has been a selfless voluntary worker for a number of years.  This award is open to groups or individuals.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Pennine Sports Partnership
      Joan and Tony Gorton
      Robert Williamson

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    • Young Personality

      Do you know someone who has made a difference to your community?  They may provide a much needed service or made your area a safer place to live.  Whatever their achievement it will have had a positive effect on your community. This award is open to groups or individuals.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Maisie Catt
      Alfie Clarke
      Harvey Dawson

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    • Sports Personality

      We are looking for Huddersfield’s outstanding sports personalities.  The winner could be a household name that put Huddersfield on the sporting map or someone relatively unknown who is totally dedicated to their sport.  Tell us about your sports personality today so they have the chance to win.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Aaliyah Powell
      Olivia Proctor
      Fern Beaumont

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    • Sports Team of the Year

      Are you part of or do you manage a sports team that has achieved great things.  The sports team of the year will be awarded to the team which has achieved outstanding long-term success, shown amazing improvement or beaten all the odds.  If this is your team, enter this award to win the recognition you deserve.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Underbank Rangers
      Joe Lumb Under 17 Cricket Team
      Thongsbridge Bowling Club

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    • Community Group of the Year

      This award will honour the group that exemplifies what can be achieved when people work together with creativity and commitment to address the challenges they see around them or to seize the opportunity to do something differently in their local area.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Pride in LInthwaite
      Children In Dalton
      Colne Valley Museum

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    • Community Project of the Year

      Have you worked on or been a part of a community project that deserves wider recognition?  You may have tidied up your local area or set up a project to provide support for local residents.  Whatever the project we want to hear from you!

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield (DASH)
      Auntie Pam’s
      Huddersfield Rasberry Jam

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    • Arts Award

      If you are involved in the arts this is the award for you!  We are looking for those talented groups or individual performers or artists who demonstrate what a creative and artistic place Huddersfield is. Give your art heroes an extra 15 minutes of fame and nominate them today.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Adam Patel
      William Forde
      Globe Arts Studio

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    • Community Event of the Year

      This is your chance to shout about your favourite event in Huddersfield and Kirklees. This may be a regular event that you never miss or a one off event that was enjoyed by the whole community. If you organise or are involved with an event that brings the community together, gain extra recognition through this award.

      2018’s FINALISTS
      Lindley Carnival and Fun Run
      Huddersfield Giants Memorial Festival for Ronan Costello
      Ravensknowle Gala

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    • Achievement Award

      The winner of the Achievement Award will be selected by our panel of judges and will be a person who has shown an outstanding contribution to Huddersfield by significantly enhancing the town’s reputation.  If you would like to make a suggestion to the panel, please tell us about your heroes of Huddersfield. 

      There is no shortlist for this award, the winner will be revealed at the awards cermeony

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