Echo Environment Awards

Award Categories and Sponsors

Headline sponsor

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As part of our vision to deliver a world class railway to our local region, Merseyrail is committed to providing a sustainable, carbon friendly transport system.We are delighted to be the executive sponsor of these awards, which recognise individuals who make Merseyside a greater, greener place to be.

Jan Chaudhry-van der Velde, Merseyrail’s managing director commented: ‘Our involvement in this award underlines our commitment to improving the region’s environmental performance. Electric railways like ours represent a greener way of moving around Merseyside, with a far smaller carbon footprint, and less polluting congestion, compared to the private car. The project to deliver new trains from 2019, which we’re working on with partners Merseytravel and Network Rail, will give further environmental benefits such as regenerative braking, where electricity is fed back into the grid when trains apply the brakes. These initiatives illustrate our genuine desire to continually enhance our service in a sustainable way, supporting the growth and success of the local economy’.

Support sponsor

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Award Categories, Shortlists and Sponsors

    • New Environmental Enterprise of the Year


      Have you spotted a gap in the market and started up an environmental enterprise? This award acknowledge new organisations established for less than two years, who are able to demonstrate success.

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    • Environmental Business of the Year Award

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      Do you have a great business that has been established for more than two years?  Whatever your trade if you can demonstrate your green credentials with evidence of excellent business strategy and good financial performance, this is the award for you.

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    • Innovation & Technology Award

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      Has your organisation developed energy efficient technologies or service, or adapted existing technology in a novel way, having a beneficial impact on the environment? Then you should enter this award.

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    • Carbon Champion of the Year

      This award recognises businesses who reduce energy and emissions by adapting the way they operate, lowering their carbon footprint.

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    • Corporate Social Responsibility Award

      This award recognises organisations that can demonstrate how they operate responsibly towards the environment, the community, its employees and its stakeholders. Your CSR efforts will exceed the legal obligation and prove inspirational to other businesses.

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    • Waste Prevention Award


      This award is for those companies and organisations who embrace waste prevention. By avoiding or reducing the creation of waste, and being innovative in their re-use of materials and repair of items, they are demonstrating efficient use of natural resources in all of their processes. By bringing waste back into economic use, these organisations will show their commitment to sustainability and the emerging circular economy.

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    • Environmental and Health Project Award

      This award recognises projects that take notice of the environment and use it to improve the health and well being of the people in our community. Perhaps your project has encouraged healthy eating, used the environment to promote exercise, or made use of food waste? Tell us about your health project and receive recognition for your hard work.

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    • Neighbourhood Improvement Project Award

      Have you improved your surroundings? This award recognises the year’s best neighbourhood improvement project. The Project may have enhanced a green space or the built environment to make your neighbourhood a safe and healthier place to live. You should be able to demonstrate that you have won community support, involved local people and changed peoples perceptions.

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    • Sustainable Schools Award

      Is your school supporting its students to keep learning about the natural world around them, engaging young people with environmental issues. No project is too small; the important thing if that it inspires young people to be more environmentally aware

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    • Community Project of the Year

      Have you been part of a community project that deserves wider recognition? This award recognises community and neighbourhood projects that have made a positive impact on a local area.

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    • Environmental Champion Award

      Do you know an individual who deserves public recognition for their environmental work? They may be an unsung community hero or a business person, of any age. Whatever the background the winner will be a true inspiration to others and will be rewarded for their achievements

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